Mastermind Responsible For ‘Back To The Future’ Hoax Claims It Was Accident

The man responsible for creating Wednesday’s ‘Back to the Future’ day image has confessed to his sins, but is claiming that the whole thing was an accident.

Steve Berry, who is a social media manager for the mobile checkout company Simply Tap, photoshopped the image of the DeLorean’s clock to read June 27 2012 – Wednesday’s date, and his image went surging around the internet at the speed of light. Well, maybe not quite that fast, but it did get thousands of shares and a multitude of comments.

The actual ‘future day’ on the time-travelling car’s counter read Oct. 21 2015, as many of you ardent ‘Back to the Future’ fans will know. But Berry claims that he never intended to try and fool anyone with the new date and that it was an advertising ploy meant to promote the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy Blu-ray box set for a client.

Berry explained to that he altered the image in reference to the 5 July 2010 hoax that was stated by Total Film and went viral. He said: “We promoted the image fully confident in the knowledge that everyone was familiar with the original hoax from a couple of years ago…We figured that no one would fall for the same joke twice, so the caption was deliberately replicated it word for word so people would get the reference.”

Sounds honest enough I suppose, what do you reckon? Should we let him off the hook?

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