Awesome Star Wars Inspired Invites For A May The 4th Be With You Marriage!

Star Wars aficionada and designer of some of the best geeky rings around, Homer Liwag married his sweetheart Aimee Helen during a “May The Fourth Be With You” ceremony at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas last week.

As you would expect from an epic designer of geek wedding rings, the invites to Homer and Aimee’s wedding were totally geektastically awesome.

Guests received a little black box which contained a mini Millennium Falcon inside with the words “Take Off”. When the ship was taken off, details of the wedding arrangements were revealed. On the top of the invite, the couple’s wedding logo was printed. The logo is a graphic that combines Homer’s love of Star Wars and Aimee’s love of Indiana Jones! It also leads them to the couple’s wedding website

Homer posted images his Star Wars-inspired wedding invites on Reddit where they proved to be incredibly popular with fellow Star Wars fans. He described them as “part puzzle, part museum piece.”





You can see more images of these awesome Star Wars invites on Imgur.

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