Star Trek Cookies in Honor of Another Anniversary

Star Trek celebrated its 46th anniversary this last Saturday. In honor of the show’s longevity (not to mention the numerous television spin offs and movies that have since been created after the original series), we take a look at another Bakingdom recipe that you might enjoy.

Last year, for the 45th anniversary of Star Trek, Darla Wireman (creator of Bakingdom) whipped up a Star Trek Cookie recipe that is too delightful (and delicious) to pass up.

To create these adorable cookies, Darla drew from her previous sugar cookie dough and marshmallow fondant recipes. Once she mixed those up, she rolled out the cookie dough and cut out the shape of the cookies. For the heads she just used a round cookie cutter, and for the bodies she drew up a paper template to follow. She then connected all the heads to the bodies, and they stuck together once baked.

After baking, Darla then decorated the cookies with the marshmallow fondant so that they looked like all the characters we’ve come to know and love from the original Star Trek series.

You can find more details and instructions at the recipe’s page over on Bakingdom.

This basic recipe is perfect for making themed cookies for any fandom you choose. Fan of Game of Thrones? Make yourself a sulking Jon Snow cookie. Firefly? Make a Jayne (and give him an adorable little hat). Heck, I’d love to see an entire Avengers cast as cookies. This recipe is simple enough to follow that you can easily play with the body’s template, giving your cookies, let’s say, more arms or a different shaped head. The possibilities are limitless.

But for now, we’re truly grateful to Darla for yet another wonderful (geektastic) recipe.

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