Guns, Drugs & Booty: Just A Standard Video From John McAfee About Uninstalling Software

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit that John McAfee is one wacky guy whose questionable antics are often thoroughly entertaining!

Earlier in the year, we keenly followed his story as he went on the run from Belize authorities, wailing to the high heavens about conspiracy theories, poisoned dogs, being framed for murder and what-not! He donned disguises, investigated his own case, was said to have faked a heart attack and introduced his web-followers to the not-so-clandestine network of scantily clad women helping him evade capture and get his story to the world!

Then he turned up in Portland after deportation from Guatemala, did a couple of interviews and was off our radar for a little while. If you are one of those who has missed his unique brand of crazy in the last few months, then you might well enjoy his latest YouTube video which is entitled “How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus”.

As you might expect from good old John, there is nothing usual about this instructional video and it’s totally NSFW. In it, he is surrounded by scantily clad babes, ingests bath salts and eventually decides that the only way to really get McAfee antivirus off your computer is to blow the shit out of it!

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