Freaky Futuristic Footwear: The Spiraling Heels Of Julian Hakes


These futuristic heels are the brainchild of London-based designer Julian Hakes, they look like they might be worn by the female lead/android in a sci-fi movie, but they are actually for the here and now. Called the Mojito shoe, (although one doesn’t recommend drinking too much rum and trying to walk in them – as you might end up flat on your face with dislocated ankles), they are available to purchase from around $200/£125.

They come in a huge range of colors and look slightly more comfortable to wear than the backward facing “scary beautiful” heels we wrote about a little while ago and apparently, they are just excellent for standing on desks!

Whilst I’ll admit that they do look rather cool and the design is aesthetically pleasing, I don’t think I’ll be attempting to totter around in them any time soon!



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