Spiderman Allegedly Punches Mom In Times Square After Photograph Tip Refusal!


Superheroes are usually such gracious, admirable types, who never want or expect anything from the people who they keep safe and protect but recognition and a little bit of respect. However this does not apply to people dressed in superhero costumes, as one mom quickly discovered after she was punched by one guy masquerading as our honorable webbed warrior when she refused to tip him for taking a photograph with her children!

The incident occurred in Times Square, New York, after the 44-year-old woman’s two children posed for a picture with “Spiderman” and he became angered and hit her when she refused to tip him for his services.

After being walloped by the not-so-friendly neighborhood wall-crawler, the woman ran off to get her husband and this is where the story gets even more peculiar, because apparently they then went up to the wrong Spiderman impersonator and harangued him about the alleged assault. Yup, so it seems there were several Spideys working it in Times Square that day!

Another Spiderman impersonator, who did not wish to be named said he was approached by the woman who exclaimed, “What did you do to me, you fucker?” Luckily the woman’s husband was able to differentiate between the two impersonators and told her she had gone up to the wrong one. Witnesses then claimed that they went up to the offending Spiderman and the husband pounded him with his backpack a couple of times, before police turned up and intervened!!

Police reports said 35-year-old Phillip Williams has been arrested in connection with the alleged assault that occurred just after 3pm.

According to The Gothamist, there has been a huge increase in the number of people dressing up as cartoon and comic book characters in Times Square over the last decade and writer Garth Johnston points out that in the last year there has been several unsavory incidents involving them, including a Super Mario with a groping tendency and an Elmo with a fondness for foul language!

In a tongue-in-cheek paraphrase of the Daily Bugle, Johnston asks whether the time has come “to get these masked menaces off our streets?”

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