Sony Launches AKA-DM1 The Action Camera Mount You Can Attach To Your Dog!!

Budding filmographers who are desperate to capture footage of a dogs eye view can rejoice, Sony has announced the launch of the AKA-DM1, a dog harness that allows you to fix a camera to a dog’s back.

Now you can record footage of your beloved muttley cashing after the local cat, pissing on the neighbors lawn, catching a Frisbee, digging for treasure, doing tricks or engaging in all manner of doggy adventures (get your mind out of the gutter).

The harness is adjustable to fit a waist line of between 50 and 80cms so it is suitable for the majority of breeds.

The AKA-DM1 harness is selling in Japan for 5,250 Yen ($ 50) and will be available for purchase later in the month.

Warning: Harness does not guarantee that your dog won’t head straight for the nearest puddle and roll around in it with your prized camera on its back or do a Baloo the bear, scraping it against a nearby tree. So it’s probably best you use some sort of protective case or suchlike or you run risk of trying to salvage camera scrap out of the mud!

Source: Sony Japan

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