Son, I Have Something To Tell You, Your Biological Father Is Adolf Hitler!

Adolf Hitler and Jean-Marie Loret

New evidence has emerged suggesting that the infamous Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler had a son with a French teenager Charlotte Lobjoie whilst serving as soldier in World War I.

While fighting against the French near Seboncourt, Hitler would often visit the small town of Fournes-in-Weppe (west of Lille) when granted leave. It is here that it is alleged he met Lobjoie and after a brief affair in the summer of 1917, fathered her child, Jean-Marie Loret.

According to Paris’s Le Point Magazine, which has recently published Loret’s fascinating story, Lobjoie met Hitler while she was out cutting hay with some of the other women from the town, they were intrigued because this German soldier wandered around drawing on a sketch pad and so sent Lobjoie over to find out some more about him.

The couple had a brief relationship, during which Lobjoie said that Hitler liked to take her for walks in the countryside, which would often end badly because he would often launch into long speeches about the histories of Prussia, Austria and Bavaria that she did not understand. He also spoke to her almost primarily in German, which she could not speak. During what was referred to as a ‘tipsy’ evening in June 1917, Jean-Marie Loret was conceived. Though Hitler did not acknowledge Jean-Marie as his own, he did continue to keep in contact with Lobjoie.

Unfortunately Jean-Marie suffered the same fate as thousands of other French youngsters fathered by German Soldiers during the war, bullied at school and often ending up in fights over this. Lobjoie did not talk about his father with him hardly at all, and ending up giving him up for adoption to the Loret family, in the 1930s.

In what can only be described as an incredible twist of fate, Jean-Marie Loret fought against Hitler’s forces in World War II, and was even a part of the French Resistance.

Not long before she died in the 1950s, Lobjoie hit Jean-Marie with the revelation that his father was in fact the infamous Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. Understandably, this information both confused and upset Loret, who said he dealt with his depression by becoming a workaholic.

Later on in his life, Loret began to investigate his notorious bloodline, to find out if he was, in fact related to the man responsible for some of the worst crimes against humanity ever committed. He hired scientists, investigators, handwriting experts and historians, and a great deal of evidence has come to light that supports this Lobjoie’s claim.

The article in Le Point magazine explores this compelling evidence, which includes; the fact that they are the same blood type, they share very similar handwriting styles, that they have an astonishing resemblance, official German Army papers that show money was sent to Lobjoie during World War II, paintings found in Lobjoie’s attic which were signed by Hitler, and a painting of woman done by Hitler which bore a striking similarity to Lobjoie’s appearance.

Mr Loret, who died in 1985 at the age of 67, authored a book entitled ‘Your Father’s Name Was Hitler’, in 1981. The book will soon be re-realised with the addition of the latest lot of evidence that has recently been discovered. Loret’s lawyer, Francois Gibault, believes that now, in the light of this new evidence, Mr Loret’s children may be entitled to claim royalties from Hitler’s bestselling book Mein Kampf (My Struggle).

In the Telegraph’s discussion of the Le Point article, Gibault elaborates on Loret’s feelings of confusion, when they first met, he said:

“He first came to see me in 1979, but was a bit lost and did not know whether he wanted to be publicly recognised as Hitler’s son, or to erase all that completely. He had the feelings of many illegitimate children: the desire to find a past, however heavy, but also the fear of returning to the old routine. I talked with him a lot, playing the role of psychologist rather than lawyer.”

Hitler, who never officially had any children of his own, did however often talk about his love for children, this new compelling evidence may yet prove beyond reasonable doubt that his bloodline did continue!

One can only imagine how Jean-Marie Loret must have been feeling when he first heard that his father was Adolf Hitler. It must be hard enough to find out about a father-figure after a lifetime of not knowing, and then to add to that, the knowledge that your father was one of the most brutal dictators known to man.

How would you react? Would you want to know the truth, and keep searching for evidence? Or would that kind of information, stop you in your tracks making you think that sometimes, ignorance is in fact bliss? I think I would be absolutely mortified if I found out I was related to Hitler, but I don’t know if I would be able to stop myself from searching for the truth, maybe in the vain hope that I would manage to disprove the theory! Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Via The Telegraph

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