Some Of The Very Best Of London Underground Trolls

Most Londoners with internet access will remember the troll-signs meme that saw hilarious signs pop up all over the Tube. Redditor ohhelloaleks has put together some of the very best of the London Underground troll signs in on and they are definitely worth a peek.

I suppose that people who travel on train system’s similar to the London Underground will also appreciate the humor in many of these posters, but if you’re a disgruntled Londoner who frequently travels in the rush hours then you will definitely see the funny side!

My personal favorite was the sign that stated; “For a more efficient service, please alight at the next stop where a team of heavily drugged sloths will drag you to your destination.” That pretty much sums up some of my less pleasant experiences on public transport.

Do you know a real life Tube Troll? If so, please tell them we said thanks for the giggles!!

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