Feline Fanatics Rejoice: New Social Network Catmoji Just For Cat Lovers!


Unless you are the most ardent of cat lovers, one who only associates with other cat fanatics there, you will be painfully aware that there are only so many pictures of your pussy that you can post on your Facebook before your friends start hurling ‘cat lady’ insults at you, slag you off for clogging up their newsfeed or worse, unfriend your feline-loving ass!

But now there is an answer to this problem, a social networking place that is specifically designed for people to post catty pics and vids to their heart’s content, without any fear of reprimand or reprisals! That place is Catmoji, a niche platform (that works in a similar way to Pinterest) that is especially for cat lovers to share their stuff!

Malaysian-based Catmoji founders Matthew Phiong and Koekoe Loo said; “The Internet loves cats, we also love cats and cats make people happy…Our mission is to make the Internet a better and happier place with cats.”

Hmmm, they might be a little behind the times with that one, people have been trying to make the internet “a better place with cats” for years now, however I suppose the way they are going about it is quite unique, there isn’t another social networking platform specifically dedicated to cat pics and videos as far as I know anyway!

Once users have created a profile at picked their catvatar they can browse the site by mood, like “cute” or “sad” – that’s where the emoji part of the name comes from. The site is something of a mix of pictures uploaded by users and those lifted from other areas of the internet.

The platform’s founders hope to become an “online identity for cats, i.e. the Facebook for cats” whether they will manage to lure the enough of the internet’s cat fanatics away from platforms where they have already established themselves remains to be seen.

Catmoji (via Beta Beat)

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