SOCCKET: The Soccer Ball That Harnesses Kinetic Energy To Become A Power Source

New York based company Uncharted Play have a Kickstarter project in place for SOCCKET, which despite looking just like a standard soccer ball, is actually much much more.

The SOCCKET is actually a portable generator that harnesses the power of play to become a power source for those with limited or no access to electricity.

The innovative SOCCKET ball has a pendulum-like mechanism inside it. This captures the kinetic energy generated by a game of soccer and stores it for later use.

It is about an ounce heavier than a normal ball and is made out of durable, water-resistant EVA foam. The best thing about it though is that just 30 minutes of play can power a simple LED lamp for 3 hours!

Often children living in off-the-grid areas have no way of studying once the sun has gone down apart from the light given by expensive and unhealthy kerosene lamps. The SOCCKET would not only provide them with hours of entertainment and play, but also help them to study afterwards by the light of the LED lamp.

Unchartered Play have created working prototypes of the SOCCKET and piloted it in various different locations across North America and South America that have been especially selected because they are resource-poor. They have also been working closely with teachers, using the SOCCKET to teach kids about energy, poverty and entrepreneurship. But they need a little Kickstarter help to get the ball rolling and help them to lower production costs and get their innovative design out and helping those in need!

Their Kickstarter target is $75,000 goal and so far nearly $60,000 has been pledged, but there is less than 13 days to go though, so they still need backers to reach their target!!

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