Sneaky Zebra & The Jack Sparrow Parody Of Brad Pitt’s “Inevitable” Chanel N°5 Advert


There were lots of confused faces pulled and meme-making taking place when Chanel N°5 released the commercial that stars Brad Pitt waffling on about life, its journeys and something being there all the time.

I imagine the adverts creators were hoping it would be profound, insightful and thought-provoking and for some I guess it was interpreted that way. However many others were not all that impressed with it and it wasn’t long before the piss-taking parodies began to appear. My personal favorite was the meme that featured the quote from Fight Club in which Tyler Durden guns for consumerism.

This one, from the Sneaky Zebra team features Jack Sparrow lookalike Seàn George playing Pitt’s role in the ‘inevitable’ (perhaps unfortunate would have been a better choice of word) advert.

Below is the original ad, for comparison purposes.

It seems our beloved Jack Sparrow has a more useful item that is always there for him, Sneaky Zebra Rum…Much more fun than Chanel N°5 and everyone knows pirates don’t need perfume anyway!

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