Snapchat Leaked – The Site Sharing Risqué Pics From App On Facebook & Twitter

Photo-sharing app “Snapchat” has been dealt a major blow this week, as a website that is dedicated to leaking nude photos sent via the app has appeared and become hugely popular on Twitter and Facebook (The Facebook page has been suspended (13:07 GMT, May 28) as it broke the social network’s terms and policies).

Snapchat lets users decide how long a picture can be seen by the receiver for (between 3 and 10 seconds usually) after which the image will automatically be deleted. It also sends a notification if the person receiving the picture takes a screenshot of the image. Because of this it is hugely popular with those who like sending risqué, nude shots to potential sexual partners and suchlike!

The system is not without privacy issues however as images can be saved on jailbroken devices or photographed from another handset for example and this is how Snapchat Leaked appears to have obtained a large portion of its material.

Snapchat Leaked’s aim is to “show those snaps that don’t want to be seen” and boasts a huge repertoire of images, mostly of breasts, bums and genitalia! Its Facebook page attracted more than 500,000 likes in just 24 hours as users flocked to look at pictures that the site posted! It also encourages visitors to post their own covertly obtained images.

Some visitors to the Snapchat Leaked site have criticized the page and cautioned that they could face legal action. Others however are using it simply as an opportunity to pass comments on people’s naughty pics!

So far, Snapchat has not made an official comment regarding this major privacy breach, however the Facebook page was suspended on May 28th as it was found to be in breach of the social networking sties terms and conditions.

It is likely that this major privacy breach will have many Snapchat users thinking twice before they flash their bits at their smartphone cameras again!

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