Smart PJs: A Futuristic Look at How We’ll be Reading to Our Kids

Okay, so, let’s say you have a kid, and you are getting that kid ready for bed. Now the kid wants you to read them a story. Now let’s say, for some crazy, undetermined reason, all of your kid’s books burned in a fire and you have nothing to read them (just go with me for a second). Well, no problem, because if they’re wearing their Smart PJs, then you can just pull out your smartphone to scan their pajamas and – presto! – you’ve got a story to read them on your phone.

Smart PJs call themselves “the worlds first interactive pajamas”, and they’re right in doing so. These pajamas are covered in an array of polka dots, and when you use your smartphone to scan a certain cluster of dots, you are able to retrieve bedtime stories for your kids. There are forty-seven different stories to choose from, and there’s an app that allows you to read them all off your phone.

I’m torn about whether or not I like this idea. On the one hand, I’m definitely pro physical copies of books. While I do admit to having a Kindle of my own (which, to be honest, I really only use to go on Facebook during class), I much rather prefer the feel of a book in my hands and would personally prefer to read to my (non-existent) children from something with actual pages. However, I also think that it’s important to read to your kids, no matter how you go about doing it. So in that case, this product does a good job still getting kids to sit down and listen to stories in a tech-friendly way. So, while I might be initially opposed to the idea of Smart PJs, I can’t deny that it doesn’t have some definite benefits.

Smart PJs is still patent pending, but you can order both girl and boy pajamas through their web-site for only $25 each.

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