Skateboarding Cardboard Kitten Is Not A Glitch In The Matrix!

Check out this incredibly short yet awesomely entertaining clip of a cat in a cardboard box skateboarding down the hall!

One of the reasons why the video, which was uploaded by YouTuber perkyballs, is so brilliant is the way in which the cat turns his/her head towards the camera at exactly the right time. The look on the moggy’s face is superb, to me it screams nonchalance, like the cat is thinking out loud something along the lines of, “yeah, I’m skateboarding dude, so frigging what? It’s no biggie!”

The clip has proved incredibly popular with the internet’s cat-video crew, receiving nearly 200,000 views in just 2 days!

Perkyballs writes: “Cat Boarding cat is boarding down the hall. No glitch in the matrix.”

Warning: As has been pointed out by YouTube commenters, this is not a video that can be viewed just the once, you will want to see it at least a couple of times!

Here’s the .gif version courtesy of Redditor YouGotDoddified:

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