Turkey Attempts to Take Advantage of Doomsday Believers

turkey apocalypse

It became known a while back that Sirince, Turkey, would be one of the few places on this planet to be unaffected by the Mayan apocalypse. I’ve read reasons for this, about the Mayans predicting the town’s safety or something having to do with the Virgin Mary (I’m not sure which one is true). Sirince is a small town near the coast of Turkey made up of only 570 inhabitants. Upon hearing of their town’s safety in the occurrence of a doomsday, the townsfolk of Sirince assumed that people from all over the world would flock to their city in hopes of saving their condemned souls. The people of Sirince immediately saw profit in this. They then went about creating 2012 Doomsday memorabilia, thinking that people would spend like crazy once they arrived. Such things created for the big day included: Doomsday wine, special menus at restaurants, mugs, shirts, perfume, candy, and many more items. As seen in this video, the merchants were really hoping that people would fall for the “end of the world” prophecy and that they’d be able to make bank off of it.

Unfortunately for the Turkish people, this ploy to make money turned out to be a bust as no one showed up. In fact, it got to the point where the media far outnumbered the doomsday believers in the town. The people of Sirince are now blaming the media for making it seem as though everyone would be flocking to their city for safety.

Better luck at the next doomsday, Turkey.

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