Introducing Sir Ravi – The Dude Who Can Solve A Rubik’s Cube Whilst Juggling

There are a lot of brainiacs out there for whom solving a Rubik’s Cube presents the most minor challenge, some can do it in seconds in various novel ways. But have you ever seen someone solve one in under two minutes whilst juggling? No, neither have I!!

This video features a guy called Ravi, who some say should be called Sir Ravi because of his impressive and unusual skills. Watch in awe as he manages to sort that impetuous Rubik’s out all without dropping a ball! There’s definitely a place at the Circus for this dude!

If you fancy getting seasick without setting foot upon a boat, then watch the video clip of Ravi solving a Rubik’s while juggling the camera as well. It’ll turn your stomach for sure.

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