Sina Weibo – The “China’s Twitter“ Introduces English-Language Interface


Popular Chinese Microblogging platform Sina Weibo has launched a new English-language interface for its users. Sina Weibo is often referred to as “China’s Twitter” and this new interface (which is still only partial) will be a useful tool for overseas brands and celebrities to market themselves and their products to Chinese consumers.

Twitter has just 18,000 active users in China because it has been blocked from the mainland since 2009, so the addition of this new English-language interface will allow for interaction with a microblogging community that was previously inaccessible to overseas marketers.

This is how Sina Weibo looks with English. Note that only the menu and the logo is in English at the moment.


This is how the page looks in China:


Introducing the interface should also help Sina Weibo in the battle for users against rival platform Tencent Weibo which introduced an English interface over a year ago.

Some Western celebrities have already taken advantage of this new interface and opened their own Sina Weibo accounts, including Tom Cruise, Emma Watson, Basketball star Kevin Durant and rock band Radiohead. Brad Pitt has also opened a Sina Weibo account and hinted in his first message that he would be visiting China – however that message has since been deleted.

Source: Tech In Asia

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