Short Video That Explains The Fall Of SOPA In Just A Few Minutes

This brilliant video explains the fall of the SOPA legislation in just a few minutes, summarizing the bill’s main points and the integral protests that saw its downfall.

It was created by student Sam Mularczyk for a final media studies project and was his first major project using Adobe After Effects.

Mularczyk said that he was inspired to create the video to “inform and educate” his audience and aimed to outline the “SOPA debacle” using clear, concise terminology and simple visuals. He hopes that his production will engage and captivate his audience, especially those who did not have prior knowledge of SOPA and the general dangers of internet censorship.

I think it’s an incredibly interesting video that does a fantastic job of conveying what SOPA was about and how the internet became a united force that managed to crush it.

It is also a stark warning that though SOPA may have been defeated, the battle is not over, as government’s all over the world are constantly pushing for the introduction of similar acts that pose huge threats to the internet.

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