Innovative Inventions: Seqinetic ‘Wearable Light’ Glasses To Boost Your Energy Levels

Do you struggle to get out of bed on those dark and dreary winter mornings? Are you one of those people who need a gallon of coffee or other caffeine infused products before you can prize open your eyelids and get down to work?

Well these Seqinetic ‘wearable light’ glasses might be just the boost you need to make your mornings less woeful and full of energy. According to their creators, the glasses “are a calorie-free, substance-free way to beat the winter blues. They offer the bright, white daylight you’re craving – in a portable design.”

The “sun” glasses can be worn while you potter about carrying out your usual morning routine and can be worn while you are on a computer, reading or doing pretty much anything.

The Seqinetic glasses use 6 powerful LEDs and a reflector to bounce the artificial “daylight” around your eyes without getting it directly into them. The light is harmless and 100% UV free and the glasses are powered using 2 AAA batteries.

The creators say that wearing them for just 30 minutes each day will dramatically improve your mood and your energy levels.
They cost just €59,00 for orders placed within the EU, orders to other locations will require a shipping cost of €5,00.

I am one of those people who have an incredible dislike for both mornings and the winter, I am always grumpy, tired and feel as though I’ve been flattened with an Acme anvil until I’ve shoved an excessive amount of caffeine into my system. I actually can’t wait to try out these glasses and see if they help me feel more human in the AM – can’t promise that they’ll make me ditch the caffeine though!

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