Self-Taught Young Ninja Slices Soda Cans & Cucumber With Plastic Playing Cards

A young self-taught ninja from China’s Hubei Province has become a bit of an internet celebrity after a video of him carrying out his impressive feats when viral.

In the video, 23-year-old Feng Yangxu, from Xishui county uses bog standard plastic playing cards to totally annihilate some hanging cucumbers and, if that wasn’t impressive enough for you, he then uses the same cards to slice into the aluminum of some soda cans.

The video went viral on the Chinese internet and in the clip, you can see Feng dazzling his young audience by throwing the cards with such speed, power and accuracy that they can even slice into full aluminum cans.

Fans of Feng Yangxu have even given him his own nickname – Awesome Flying Cutter (I’m sure there is something that’s probably lost in translation there, but you get the drift).

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