See How The Rover Curiosity Explores Mars With Lego Replica

Never missing a trick, Lego fanatics Doug Moran and Will Gorman built a functioning replica of the NASA Mars Rover Curiosity that landed safely on the Red Planet yesterday!

Using 7 Lego Mindstorms NXT bricks, 13 NXT motors and more than 1000 Lego pieces, Gorman and Moran’s Curiosity is almost as impressive as the real thing! It has 6 wheels, 4 of which are powered and independently steerable meaning that it can make 360 degree turns nearly as effortlessly as its NASA counterpart. The Lego Curiosity even has a robotic arm and mast that the operator can control using a joystick!

An early version of the Lego Curiosity was debuted at the Kennedy Space Center last November, around the same time that the NASA Curiosity started its epic journey to Mars. The Lego Curiosity has since had some serious upgrades however, to make it as similar to the $2.6billion, state-of-the-art space exploration device as possible!!

So it might not have quite as many functioning scientific devices as the Curiosity that is currently preparing to go on its mammoth journey around Mars, but it is pretty damn similar and super-cool!

(Via Battle Bricks)

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