Cat Cams & GPS Trackers Put On Kitties For BBC Show

Kitty-lovers who want to find out more about their beloved furry friends, might be interested in the BBC Two Horizon show “The Secret Life of the Cat” which uses GPS tracking devices and “Cat Cams” to monitor 50 outdoor cats in Surrey, UK in order to discover insights into their behavior.

Many cat owners often wonder what their furry friends get up to when we don’t have our beady eyes on them – do they have their own secret society, do they get on with other neighborhood cats, are they cheating on us with another family? This show should be able to offer some interesting insights about what moggies get up to in their own time!

In collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College, Horizon has been studying their hunting patterns, behavior and interactions.

People who are intrigued by the program can keep a closer eye on what 10 of the chosen cats are up to by looking at the website dedicated to the show, which maps the activity of cats Ginger, Chip, Sooty, Orlando, Hermie, Phoebe, Deebee, Kato, Coco and Rosie. It also provides details on all their different traits and personalities and allows visitors to watch videos of the antics they get up to!

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