Second Heart Attack Grill Customer Collapses After Bypass Burger!

This Saturday a woman collapsed and was rushed to hospital at LA’s notorious Heart Attack Grill during the middle of consuming a Double Bypass burger. I guess the irony of the situation will not be lost on this particular lady!

The woman, who is in her 40s, became the second customer is just a few months to collapse after ingesting food from the restaurants calorie-loaded menu. It is still not known exactly what caused the woman to collapse, but an unhealthy lifestyle might have something to do with it! The restaurant owner told ABC news that the woman was smoking, drinking cocktails and dancing at the Grill before she took a turn for the worse.

The man who collapsed at the Heart Attack Grill in February, did actually have a heart attack. He had ordered a Triple Bypass Burger! Onlookers at the restaurant initially believed the incident to be a publicity stunt in keeping with the restaurant’s ‘Heart Attack’ theme. They crowded around the man, taking pictures and videos on their mobile phones!

The restaurant makes no excuses for its fat-filled, calorific menu and the items eaten by the two customers who collapsed aren’t even the unhealthiest thing on their cholesterol-inducing menu. They are surmounted by the Quadruple Bypass Burger which contains two pounds of meat, a whole heap of processed cheese and customers who really want to dine dangerously can add 20 slices of bacon for a few dollars extra!

The Heart Attack Grill carries the slogan ‘Taste worth dying for’ and that nearly did up end being the case for those two customers. It is not proven that eating a really big, badass burger like the ones on offer at the Grill can directly cause a heart attack so the customers won’t be able to sue the restaurant to get their medical bills paid. Few would argue though, that while the light snack they ate probably didn’t cause their ill health, it can’t have helped the situation!

The medical condition, bad taste (no pun intended) theme of the restaurant is carried through the menu which also includes ‘flatliner’ chips and ‘fat bastard’ wine. The staff are also given nametags that correlate with the theme. The restaurant carries a disclaimer to its customers, the sign warns; ‘This Establishment is Bad for Your Health’!

So what do you think about The Heart Attack Grill? Do you think the theme is funny, or is it really bad taste? Would you go for a burger at this establishment or avoid it at all costs? Leave a comment and let us know…

Woman collapses at Heart Attack Grill while eating Double Bypass burger

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