Honest Movie Trailers – Screen Junkies Go For The Dark Knight Rises

Those Honest Movie Trailer makers, the Screen Junkies have gone for The Dark Knight Rises in their latest attempt to provide truthful and sincere alternative trailers to Hollywood’s hyped ones.

The trailer goes gunning for what they believe to be questionable plot choices and some unusual spoken lines in the blockbuster movie and Mike & Jay of Red Letter Media also make a cameo appearance to give us their thoughts too.

I have a little confession to make, I am one of the only Christopher Nolan Batman nerds that still haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises (I know it is deplorable – and there is no excuse, but I had a hell of a lot going on when it was out in the cinemas). So I had this trailer vetted by a friend of mine before writing this article. Apparently it is spoiler-laden, so I am writing this article blind, because much as I enjoy the Screen Junkies’ humorous take on blockbusters, I am not willing to have The Dark Knight Rises plot ruined for me by a 5 minute trailer.

The friend who vetted the trailer is a media studies teacher and an ardent Batman fan, needless to say, she was none too impressed with the Honest Movie Trailer and launched a tirade of abuse in their direction in defense of the beloved Batman saga. So maybe, just maybe, the Screen Junkies should have left The Dark Knight be, but they did give us that wonderfully humorous Twilight trailer – so I’m gonna cut them some slack.

What do you guys think? Do they have a point, or should they have thought twice before being mean to Batman?

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