Freaky-Deaky Scientology: The Obscure & Invasive Sea Org Application recently received a copy of the application form that one would need to fill out in order to join the Scientologist’s Sea Org.

For those of you who don’t know, the Sea Org is a group of hardcore workers who reported to work incredibly long hours doing menial jobs for very little pay.

The person who was considering joining the Sea Org had second thoughts and forwarded a copy of the form to the FBI. This form was part of the big 2010 federal investigation into Scientology that eventually fizzled out. The person then passed the form on to Ortegaunderground.

The incredibly obscure and ominously invasive form begins with a lengthy quote from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard where he claims that those joining the Sea Org will be part of “building a new civilization.”

He said:

“To join the Sea Org is the sensible thing to do. There is very little that could be more important to you than to add to this power. Many are called. Few are chosen. You can be part of this new civilization. It is possible we may welcome you as shipmates in the Sea Org, the organization of power.”

So far it’s a little weird, but nothing too explosive, that is until you get to this wonderfully passive-aggressive statement from Hubbard, which would be enough to make most of us drop our pens and run for the nearest exit. It states: “You can’t be shot for what you have done, you can only be shot for what you haven’t told us.” — LRH (CBO 910)

A CBO is a Central Bureaux Order from Hubbard, though we are not quite sure about the rest of the details of CBO 910, as we imagine its contents are a closely guarded Scientology secret.

It doesn’t get much more cult-like than that really does it? Well, that’s just the beginning; the form then leads to a series of questions (56 to be precise) that look into every aspect of a person’s life. It asks whether applicants have ever had any psychiatric treatments and wants details of the treatments, whether they have committed any crimes that they haven’t been convicted of and wants details of these. They also want to know what your family members are up to and if there is anyone in your family who is against the Scientology ideals.

They are also especially interested if applicants have ever taken illegal drugs and want to know what they took and how many times (yup because everyone who smokes weed knows exactly how many joints they have lit!)
They also don’t seem too keen to have anyone join their little group who has ever worked for any of the intelligence agencies and don’t think they’ll let you in if an immediate family member is part of them either!
Interestingly they also want details of applicant’s sex lives, wanting to know if they have ever been involved in homosexual activities or sexual perversions. In fact, if you keep a diary, it might just be easier handing that over to them, because these guys want to know absolutely everything!

It doesn’t end their either, after confessing all their sins and answering all of those questions, applicants must then read and sign (with witness) an attest.

The attest is 13 statements long and includes things like: ‘I’m not a flagrant criminal or wanted’, ‘I have had no institutional history of psychosis’, ‘I have never sued an org or Scientology principals’, ‘I’m not related to or connected to intelligence agencies either by past history or immediate familial connections’, ‘I do not have a parent or guardian or other close family member who is a rabid antagonist of Scientology’ and ‘I’m not here to obtain news stories or generally disrupt the organization’, to name but a few.

I love the way the define Scientology haters as ‘rabid antagonist’ it’s brilliant!

According to former Scientologists who were contacted by Ortegaunderground, this type of question is standard. One former member Derek Bloch said: “Invasive questioning is a big part of Scientology life.”

Another former Scientologist Mat Pesch said that you couldn’t simply fill out the form either. Applicants would then be put on an e-meter and asked further questions. Pesch said that they would be on the lookout for “half-truths” and ask questions like “have you answered any questions untruthfully to try to impress me?”

Some seriously scary stuff there indeed, like I always knew the Scientologists were a fussy bunch who wouldn’t let just anybody join, but I didn’t realize they were quite so Spanish Inquisition!

You can find a full list of the invasive questions that appear on the Sea Org application here.

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