Samsung Working On Flexible Screens For Smartphones & Other Devices

South Korean conglomerate Samsung have been working on flexible displays for smartphones and other devices that use plastic instead of glass to make their products lighter, more durable and bendable. This kind of technology is something that many similar companies like Sony for example have looked into over the years, however Samsung seem have progressed the fastest with it as the reports emerged that they are nearly ready to mass produce products that use this kind of flexible display.

Devices bearing this innovative type of flexible display were exhibited by Samsung last year, but an exact date for when the product will become commercially available has not yet been given.

A source familiar with the new type of display unit said that it was in the last phase of development and that consumers could expect to see products bearing this type of technology on the shelves in the first half of 2013 – but declined to comment on how much money Samsung have spent researching the technology.

Executives at Samsung will no doubt be hoping that this new type of display will give them the upper hand in the global smartphone market – as manufacturers of tablets and smartphones look for ways to make their products different and more appealing than their competitor’s products.

The new flexible display will incorporate OLEDs – a type of display technology that Samsung is already being used in television sets and smartphones.

OLEDs are thin and can be placed on flexible material like plastic or metal foil – by opting to make their displays plastic as opposed to glass, they will make them more durable, shatter-resistant and lighter.

Lee Seung-chul, an analyst at Shinyoung Securities said; “The key reason for Samsung to use plastic rather than conventional glass is to produce displays that aren’t breakable. The technology could also help lower manufacturing costs and help differentiate its products from other rivals.”

Source: WSJ

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