Samsung “Unicorn Apocalypse” Advert Mocks Struggling Blackberry


In the latest oddball advert from Samsung intended to promote the Galaxy SIII and Note II the company has had a rather obvious dig at RIM’s ailing Blackberry.

Set in what is supposed to look like a trendy game development startup that is in the process of two major events – the fast-approaching launch of their biggest game ever “Unicorn Apocalypse” and a policy change that will allow employees to use whatever mobile device they like for work as opposed to the Blackberry that they were previously given to use.

The advert takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the results of such a mobile device switchover and the problems that it causes in the office. Those who are having trouble letting go of their Blackberry’s are clearly mocked by their colleagues.

The advert is obviously intended to point out that the Blackberry is a dated device that really is a bit of a relic. Its aim is to inform business owners that the Samsung Approved For Enterprise program is able to do as much as RIM’s service can and more. In the same breath, Samsung are trying their best to destroy the idea that people need one for work and one for pleasure.

But as the Verge states; “Presumably Samsung’s betting that the corporate juggernauts or government agencies RIM is known for supporting won’t realize that the unicorn meme is easily as outdated as the BlackBerry Bold.”

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