Russian Soldier Grins As Buddy Takes Bullet Out His Forehead With Pliers!!

It’s long been said that Russia is home to some double hard bastards, dudes that you just would not dream of fucking with and this footage just reaffirms that urban legend!

This video, which is from 2000, has recently emerged online and understandably, is causing a bit of a stir!

It was taken during the war in Chechnya and features a Russian soldier with a bullet (or some bullet-shaped shrapnel) wedged firmly in his forehead. The dude sits their calmly while another soldier takes a pair of pliers and pulls the alien object out.

There are no screams of pain, or cries of agony, heck the guy doesn’t even seem to grimace and right after it has been successfully extracted, he even shoots the camera a smile!!

No wonder they have nicknamed him the Terminator!! The majority of us would be wailing like babies and calling out for our moms, if we were unfortunate to have a chunk of metal imbedded between our eyes!!

I wonder if this dude will end up getting his very own “in Soviet Russia” meme!

It reminds me a little of the video that surfaced after the meteorite explosion over the remote Russian region of Chelyabinsk back in February. The dude in this clip is utterly expressionless and just calmly pulls his sun visor down while the flaming fireball shoots through the sky above him!

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