Russian Man Takes 4 Hostages & Uses Them To Demand Pizza & Soda!!

A man from the southern Russian city of Astrakhan took 4 hostages on Thursday and used his human shields, not to demand helicopters, cash, cars, the release of political prisoners or world peace, but to ask for pizza and a can of Sprite!!

The Hurriyet Daily News reports that the unusual hostage situation took place at a college in Astrakhan. They said that the man, who was said to be armed with explosives and a pistol, burst in the college and took 2 female students, one teacher and a security guard hostage, barricading the people and himself inside a classroom.

Russian police spokesman Pyotr Rusanov said: “His only demand was a pizza and Sprite.”

Police cordoned off the area and given that the man’s request was so easy to meet, they got him a pizza (no word about whether he wanted anchovies or not) and a Sprite and delivered it to him.

The negotiations apparently lasted several hours after which all of the hostages were released unharmed and the hostage taker was detained by authorities.

The teacher that was taken captive by the pizza-loving dude described him as being approximately 30-years of age. The teacher also said that the man carried a pistol, but could not verify if it was a real weapon or some sort of replica. Regional police say that the man also had an explosive device in a box on his person.

I love pizza as much as the next guy, but this simply reeks of effort. You’d think if he wanted pizza that bad, he could’ve just used his arsenal to walk into a pizzeria and demand a load of pizzas instead!

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