Rosie The Cat Shows Off Her Mad Door Opening Skills

If you were under the impression that merely closing a door would be enough to keep a clever kitteh in (or out) of a certain room, you would be mistaken. This video, which was posted by YouTuber lavendercake, shows 7-month-old kitten Rosie easily managing to open a door by leaping up and using her bodyweight to move the handle!

Lavendercake said that they did not train their beloved moggy to do this, but realized she had worked it out all for herself when the cat miraculously turned up in a room she had been shut out of! I wonder what other tricks this intelligent furry feline will master as she grows older and wiser. Lavendercake should watch out, I don’t think it’ll be long before she works out how to get inside the fridge or log into her owner’s Amazon account!

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