Rogue Ales Announce New ‘Beard Beer’ Brewed From Yeast Of Facial Hair!!

Nope, this is not some kind of sick joke, Rogue Ales (which after hearing this news I believe are incredibly aptly named) have created a new type of beer brewed from the yeast obtained from their brewmaster John Maier’s facial hair!!! Erm Wtf and totally gross!

Apparently the whole thing started as a bit of a joke and many believe that it probably should have stayed that way!

The Oregon-based company had been trying to harvest a new yeast strain from their hop yard for a lengthy period of time but wasn’t having much luck. So Rogue Ales president Brett Joyce had the marvelous idea of looking for this yeast strain in a different location. He said: “Why not look for a different place that might have some magic yeast in it?”

How they got from “different place” to some guys beard I don’t know, but somehow they made that leap of faith and employees took 9 hair follicles from the beard of award-winning brewmaster John Maier.

Some would think that because the yeast comes from the beard of a skilled brewer, that would make it slightly less grosstastic, but I am not one of those who is convinced.
Apparently, Maier hasn’t shaved his beard since 1978 and somehow lab workers found a usable strain of yeast in it, that they claim is perfect for fermenting beer.

Rogue Ales, John Couchot who calls himself a “mad scientist” described the find as a “needle in a haystack” discovery.

Maier himself said that there was no reason for people to be put off by the fact that the yeast strain was discovered in a human’s facial hair, claiming that “Yeast is everywhere.”

Apparently the beardy yeast is currently being used for sample brews and the company is planning to release the finished product in 2013. They already have a name for it too (which is almost as appealing as its ingredients) – the beard beer will be called “New Crustacean.”

I’m sorry guys, I’m just not won around on this one. I read Roald Dahl’s The Twits too many times when I was a youngster and was plagued with memories of Mr. Twit’s disgusting beard whilst writing this article. I just don’t think I could willingly ingest something made from someone’s facial hair.

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