Rocks Catch Alight In Woman’s Pocket Causing Serious Burns

A Woman from Southern California had the shock of her life on Saturday when some rocks she had put in the pocket of her cargo shorts suddenly caught alight and caused second and third degree burns to her leg and arm.

The woman and her family had been at the San Clemente Beach earlier that day, her children had picked up the colorful rocks and were playing with them, before the woman took them off the children and placed them in her pocket.

Later that day, she just began spontaneously combusting on the spot and her husband called the emergency services and helped her to remove the shorts. The flames were so strong, that he also suffered burns to his hand whilst assisting her.

The fire department has taken the rocks and will be conducting an investigation as to what caused them to catch alight. It is believed that the rocks, some of which were bright green and had streaks of orange running through them, contain the highly flammable substance phosphorous. Some reports have suggested that the rocks ignited because of friction that occurred while she was walking.

The San Clemente environment authorities have since visited the area and declared that it is safe for the public, although this particular woman might be inclined to disagree with their prognosis after her unpleasant experience!

Thankfully these particular rocks weren’t picked up by Teresa Widener, who featured on Buzz Patrol yesterday due to the fact that she has been ingesting rocks for the last 20 years. Now that would have been one uncomfortable case of indigestion!

When I was younger, I used to spend ages sat in my back garden trying to make rocks catch alight, inspired no doubt by the many hours I spent watching the Flintstones cartoon on the television. Needless to say, I never succeeded – maybe if I had a couple of these badass rocks, I would’ve had more luck!

(Via Huffington Post)

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