Awesome Robot Controlled By Your Brain Waves!

CNRS-AIST Joint Robotics Laboratory researchers have been working on a type of robot that is controlled using human brain waves! They have just released this awesome footage of the robot in action and though the prototype is far from complete, it is still a remarkable creation that could help paralyzed individuals have a better quality of life or give us the robot body we have always dreamed of!

The robot is controlled using a fairly standard Brain Computer Interface (BCI), the pilot is connected to the computer using an electrode-studded cap that reads brain signals which it interprets and transforms into electronic commands.

In the video, the pilot concentrates on the forward arrow making the robot shuffle forward, or right if he wants the robot to go right etc. Obviously more research needs to be done to make the robot move more smoothly and efficiently, but the researchers hope that in the near future this brain controlled robot will help paralyzed people to do all manner of things, from household chores to taking sightseeing trips abroad!

Source: Diginfo

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