Amazing High-Speed, Robot Book Scanner That Can Capture 250 Pages In One Minute

Researchers in Japan have created a commercial book scanner that is able to capture 250 pages per minute, which means that it can get through your average novel in just over 60 seconds. This short video shows the amazing machine in action, flipping through the pages at a lightning speed and producing some incredible results! This thing goes through books almost as fast as Johnny Five in Short Circuit!

The machine takes 2 high resolution shots of each page (400 ppi) during the procedure and then uses these to restore scans to a flat appearance without any signs of page deformation.

Human’s will be forgiven for feeling slightly unnecessary when the robot scanner is about, as all they need to do is switch it on and load the book into the scanner. After that, the process is fully automated. The machine has been dubbed the BFS-Auto and should be commercially available in 2013.

Source: BFS Auto

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