Revisit Your Childhood With The Atari Flashback 4 Console From AT Games!

Gaming consoles have changed a lot over the years, the graphics are miles better, the gameplay is more elaborate and interesting and many of the consoles double-up as a personal computer of sorts. But no matter how far they come, how damn amazing they get, many of us will always retain a fond love for the console(s) we played as a kid. Partly because they remind us of a more innocent time, a time when all we had to worry about was finding some spare hours for our homework and when our moms were going to make us go to bed! My attachment is to the Sega Mega Drive, as that was the console I spent the most time with as a little’un, but for many of you – it will be the Atari consoles that flick your nostalgia switch.

Atari fanboys (and girls) will be pleased to hear then, that AT Games has released the new Atari Flashback 4 console with a wireless joystick and 75 timeless games that will no doubt bring back all sorts of warm, fluffy, gaming memories. It comes with fans favorites like Asteroids, Space Invaders, Pinball, Jungle Hunt and many many more! It is available on Amazon for $83 but you better move quickly if you want to get it delivered in time for the Christmas holidays!

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