Researcher Ed Karrels Breaks Pi Calculation Record

Santa Clara University researcher Ed Karrels had an exciting announcement for Pi Day this year, which had math enthusiasts and bakers cooking up creations that paid homage to classic ratio.

On March 14th (3/14) Karrels announced that he had managed to calculate pi to 8-quadrillion places right of the decimal! For interested parties, he announces that the eight quadrillionth bit of π is 0, but speculates that probably wouldn’t be much of a surprise for many mathematicians!

In order to make this epic calculation, Karrels had 3 different sets of computers running NVIDIA GPUs and it took 35 days to complete! Before Karrels’ gargantuan 8 quadrillion digit calculation, the previous record for pi was set by a Yahoo team in 2011. Using a cluster of 1,000 CPU-only computers, they calculated pi to 2-quadrillion places in 23 days.

Karrels will be discussing his breakthrough at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) that will take place next week. Karrels talk is entitled “Computing the Quadrillionth Digit of Pi: A Supercomputer in the Garage” and he will take the stage at 2pm on Tuesday.
During the talk, Karrels will briefly explain the math behind the equation and elaborate on some of the programming tricks he used to speed the process up.

Source: NVIDIA

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