Redditors Help Restore An Old Photograph For User’s 87-Year-Old Veteran Grandad!

When Steven Withey from was helping his granddad Derek sort out his computer, they discovered an old photograph of the 87-year-old from his days in the Royal Navy submarines during World War II. The crumpled photograph had been emailed from a relative and wasn’t the best quality.

Being the IT go-to guy in the family, Steven, from the UK, forwarded the photograph to himself and set about trying to restore it to somewhere near its original quality. However, because he had no Photoshop or general editing experience, Steven had to seek help elsewhere and after posting the image on Reddit, he received an overwhelmingly positive response.

He went on the subreddit /r/picrequests and uploaded the image. Within an hour or so, Steven had already received a few quick tidy-up jobs, including one from a kid who tried his hand at it before heading off to school. After a day had past, several other people made attempts to restore the image and soon Steven had 6 fantastic pictures that he used to chart the restoration process.

Steven posted a link the original thread and recorded his granddad receiving the images, the best of the bunch was one by a David Humphreys and Steven framed that image and presented it to Derek. To show his appreciation to those who had given up their time to help him, Steven gifted some contributors Reddit Gold as a thank-you.

Original photo:

Restored photo:

The Reddit thread and the video of Steven’s granddad receiving the pictures have proved exceptionally popular – the video has been viewed over 100,000 times in just over a week!

This is definitely one of those “faith in humanity restored” stories!! I, like a great many of you, am always moved when people display acts of kindness towards complete strangers, as in this case and Steven and Derek’s story really brought a smile to my face!

I think Steven really sums it up well in his blog post about the image, he said:

“I was blown away by the selfless dedication of the people on that thread. They expected nothing in return, yet spent hours of their day working on the photo…It’s been a truly heart-warming experience and goes to show that aside from all the crap that goes on in the world, there really are selfless people out there who care for each other! Thank you Reddit and thank you Granddad for being so wonderful!”

Source: Whithey Technologies

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