Re-Timer Glasses That Emit Light To Help Sleep Disorders & Reset Your Body Clock

Researchers in Australia have created the ‘Re-Timer’ glasses which they claim can reset your body clock, cure sleep disorders, beat jetlag, keep shift workers more alert and they might even be able to help get teenagers out of bed!!

A little while ago we wrote about the Seqinetic, ‘wearable light’ glasses that creators claim can help you beat the winter blues by giving the wearer a boost of white light that the body is craving, but the creators of the Re-Timer glasses claim they can do that and a whole lot more.

They were invented by Professor Leon Lack of Flinders University in South Australia and they emit a soft green glow which affects the body clock in order to change our sleep patterns. He said that 25 years of research have gone into creating the Re-Timer glasses that could help to solve numerous sleep disorders.

Professor Lack said that the Re-Timer glasses stimulate the area of the brain that is responsible for regulating the 24-hour body clock. “Using a light device allows you to transition your body clock to a new time zone in small steps. This eliminates the sudden change people experience after flying and reduces the symptoms of jet lag,” he added.

According to the researchers that created the high-tech glasses, the light exposure alters the behavior of a gland at the base of the brain which controls our body clock. This gland sends signals to other parts of our body which trigger the production of hormones. These hormones create daily cycles known as circadian rhythms.

They advise that those of you who wanted to sleep and wake up earlier should wear the Re-Timer glasses for 50 minutes in the morning, whereas those who want to sleep and wake later should wear them for the same amount of time, but before bed in order to delay the body clock. The glasses can be worn while you carry out daily tasks like reading or working at a computer and are engineered to be lightweight and comfortable.

The glasses are battery powered and can be recharged using your computer’s USB port. They are available to purchase on the Re-Timer website for £162.

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