KABOOYOW – RC Plane Crashes Into A Tiny RC Helicopter & Is Totally Destroyed

Those of you who have a penchant for watching action-packed YouTube videos that feature accidental demolition, destruction and collisions will undoubtedly enjoy this video that shows a RC plane smash into smithereens after an ill-fated crash with a mini-RC helicopter.

The crash took place at the Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Sky Park (catchy name) and involved a World Models 80″ Mitsubishi Zero with a Fuji-Imvac 50 cc gas EI engine and a 450 size electric helicopter.

The plane’s wing catches the little heli and goes hurtling into the runway below – in the background, the operators shock and bitter disappointment is just about audible. As we all know RC aircrafts aren’t exactly cheap and judging from the carnage in the clip, we don’t really think a repair job is an option!

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