Ray Charles: The Blind Golden Retriever That Has Won The Internet’s Heart!

Normally it’s cats that get the majority of internet fame and attention, but occasionally puppies and pooches prove exceptionally popular too and one Golden Retriever is currently staking his claim as the internet’s top dog.

His name is Ray Charles and he was born blind on 8th December 2012. When the breeder noticed he wasn’t as boisterous as the other puppies in the litter, he was taken to the vets where they discovered that the young pup was blind.

The breeder considered putting little Ray Charles down because of his condition, but then Andrew Fales heard about the puppy and decided to save him. He adopted the pup and brought him to Boston where he lives with Fales and his 3 other Golden Retrievers.


Fales created a Facebook Page for Ray Charles, called “Ray Charles The Golden Retriever” for short and he is rapidly gaining a huge following. At the moment, his Facebook page has over 45,000 likes, with the pup’s adorable features and dangerously cute outfits, melting the heart of internet users all over the world!


Fales says that RC’s blindness doesn’t stop him enjoying life like a normal dog and he still likes to run around, play and get into mischief! RC even completed puppy school and belongs to the American Kennel Club’s S.T.A.R puppy program.


On his Facebook page, RC tells his fans: “don’t feel sorry for me! I love to make people happpy and smile and bring joy to everyone around me!”

Well isn’t that just utterly d’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, what an absolutely gorgeous, loveable mutt!

Much kudos to Fales for adopting RC and giving him a really loving home too!



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