Awesome R2D2 Heels For An Intergalactic Amount Of Street Cred

R2D2 shoes

You might remember the article we wrote a little while back about the Instructable from mikeasaurus that showed you how to make your very own dinosaur heels.

Well now mikeasaurus is back with another fantabulous shoe design, but instead of Jurassic fashion, he’s bringing you step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own R2D2 heels. I much prefer Star Wars to dinosaurs anyhow!!

Using pretty much the same methods used to create the dinosaur heel, mikeasaurus’ R2D2 heels are so fantastically geek it’s incredible!

Mikeasaurus has taken a white (obviously) wide heeled shoe and replaced the heel with a steel bolt for support. Unlike the dinosaur heel, he couldn’t drill through the toy because he wanted to retain its electronic functions so he made a valley at the back of the toy and attached it, whilst still giving the impression that the lovable little droid is supporting the shoe!

But that’s not all, the shoe toe has been decorated with lenses, blue accents and a blinking red LED for authenticity! So this might not be the most appropriate footwear for engaging in battle with malevolent forces of the Galactic Empire, but I think the Rebel Alliance will definitely approve!

R2D2 shoes1

R2D2 shoes2

R2D2 shoes3

R2D2 shoes4

R2D2 shoes5

For full instructions on how to make your own R2D2 heels, visit mikeasaurus’ Instructables page.

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