Awesome R2-D2 Yarn Bomb Brings A Little Rebel Alliance To Downtown Washington


We cover a lot of weird and wonderful street art here on Buzz Patrol, but I’ve got to admit that this is the first time I’ve come across the Yarn Bombing movement. Yarn Bombs are created using colorful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fiber that fit over buildings, street fixtures, trees and suchlike.

It does seem like rather a lot of effort to create something rather beautiful that could be lifted by a sticky-fingered passerby in seconds, I know I’d be reluctant to spend hours working on something like this wonderful yarn R2-D2 only to leave its fate in the hands of strangers! But then I guess that’s the nature of street art in general, and I’ve got to admit that Yarn Bombing does bring a bit of color to the place and can really brighten up gloomy areas!

The R2-D2 yarn bomb was placed on a concrete bollard in downtown Bellingham, Washington and it really does bear a striking resemblance to the lovable Star Wars droid!




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