Put Some Magic In Your Morning With These Plush Unicorn Slippers

Not a morning person? No, neither am I, but now help is at hand (or foot) as ThinkGeek claims to have come up with a product that promises to help you put some magic in your morning – plush unicorn slippers for grownups!

As well as needing a healthy and nutritious breakfast to help us start the day, ThinkGeek states that another very important thing we need to help us drag our bedraggled asses out of bed and into the world is magic.

With magic things don’t seem so dreary or dull and they claim that slipping your feet inside these soft and cozy unicorn slippers will give your life the infusion of magic it needs to make even the mundane seem fun! I would very much like to see how successful these slippers are at making my tax returns “fun” as that truly would be magical – I will let you know how that particular experiment goes.
The slippers are embroidered with unicorny details and have bright golden horns, they are a slip on design that will fit most adult sizes, are 100% polyester and are priced at just $24.99.

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