Odd Art: Public Bathroom Created With 1-Way Mirrors

Art these days just keeps on getting weirder, but it will be hard to find something stranger than this installation by Monica Bonvicini. Entitled ‘Don’t Miss A Sec’ and on a busy London street, it is a completely functioning public toilet, encased in 1-way mirrors so the person inside can watch passersby whilst doing their business.

Why anyone would want to watch people walking past while they shake the snake or empty their bowels is slightly beyond me. It is weird, creepy, disturbing and very very wrong. But that’s art I guess and the shock factor is probably what Bonvicini was going for.

Maybe the installation would get more visitors if it was strategically placed near east London’s Ridley Road Market, where according to a recent undercover report by the BBC illegal (and disgusting) meat like smokies and cane rat is regularly sold to the public.

With all that dodgy meat floating around, it would be desperate times call for desperate measures and all that!!

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