Behold The Internet’s New Cat God – Princess Monster Truck!

Check out the images of Princess Monster Truck who might just be the internet’s latest cat fixation! Princess Monster Truck is a stray that was found by artists Tracy Timmons and Joseph Bryce when they were living in Brooklyn and it was love at first sight!

Much like you and I, the couple were instantly intrigued by the kitty’s strange appearance and garish gnashers and they decided to adopt her! They’ve also had to create Princess her own Instagram account so she can keep in touch with her adoring public!

Tracy said that Princess Monster Truck “came tumbling out of a bush when we were walking home one night from dinner. Her hair was totally matted, she was really thin, and obviously hungry.”

She explained that because it was dark out and the cat is completely black they didn’t notice her unusual teeth until she looked up at them and unleashed a strange “howl/meow”. She said, “When I saw her face I kind of shrieked and said, ‘What is it?’”

Despite the fact that Princess Monster Truck must have looked a little like the dead cat that comes to life because of an enchanted mask in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Dead Man’s Party, Season 3 Episode 2) Tracy and Joseph knew that they couldn’t abandon her!

The couple thought that she didn’t look like a survivor (back from the dead maybe, but not a survivor) so they led her to their house and allowed her to follow them. Then they took her to the vet to find out about her wonky teeth!

Tracy said: “When we took her into the vet, and after they stopped laughing about her, I had to ask whether they thought Monster was born that way or whether something happened to her. The vet assured me that this looked like a condition from birth the way her jaw was structured, and these kinds of thing happen commonly in Persian breeds and she thanked me for bringing her in to get her fixed.”

But it seems the couple decided against having Princess Monster Truck’s scary gnashers altered, because here they are, glaring at us in all their glory!

The bizarre-looking kitteh now lives on New York’s East Side with the couple and apparently she hates going outside, though she does enjoy gazing through the window at the kingdom that she will undoubtedly rule one day!

The internet has found a new cat god!! Behold Princess Monster Truck – express your allegiance now or you could end up losing a digit!










Princess Monster Truck. Remember her name. Remember this moment, when you first saw her, because she will be the next Internet cat sensation.

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