Police Rescue A Dude Who Gets Stuck Inside A Traffic Bollard!

In a spectacular Darwinism fail, police had to be called to rescue a man in Hemel Hempstead, London, who was trapped inside a traffic bollard after sticking his head into it as a joke some two hours earlier!

Anyone who has attended university in the UK (I’m not sure if it’s the same in other parts of the world, but I’m assuming it is) and imbibed alcohol whilst there, will know about the fun that can be had with traffic cones (they make great party hats), bollards and the like. Usually however, this fun can be had without getting oneself wedged inside the apparatus.

That didn’t seem to be the case for this dude however who couldn’t get the bloody thing off and had to be assisted by a friend and a police officer.

The footage of the highly humorous rescue was shot by passerby John Waterman on his mobile phone. Describing the unusual incident, Waterman said: “It was very random, it’s not the usual thing you see in the middle of Hemel Hempstead on a Sunday lunchtime. I came out of Burger King and this man had the bollard stuck on his head. I had seen him walking with it on top of his head five minutes earlier, but now it was pulled right down. No one was helping him because they thought he was just messing around.”

Apparently the majority of people thought the whole thing was hilarious and didn’t realize that the man needed help. Eventually however, one caring onlooker called the authorities and the cone head was finally freed from his plastic prison. It seems the assisting police officer saw the funny side of it too, as Waterman said he seemed incredibly amused and was “chuckling to himself”.
The dude seems to have escaped from his misadventure primarily unscathed, though Waterman did say that he appeared “very red in the face” and covered in scratches once the bollard had been taken off his bonce!

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