Pizza Delivery Guy Gets Tipped $10 On Order For 85 Pizzas Costing $1,453.93!

Remember the Applebee’s I give God 10% receipt that went viral after the waitress posted it to Reddit? Well, this looks likely to be another one – Redditor jfastman posted this image of a receipt that his friend, a pizza delivery guy got yesterday; it shows a $10 tip for a delivery of 85 pizzas with a bill of $1,453.93.

It has been up on Reddit for less than 24 hours and has already received nearly 2,000 comments and nearly 3,000 upvotes.

The discussion seems centered around the act of tipping in general, with some stating that the tip shouldn’t have to be huge if the delivery dude only made one trip and others arguing that he deserved more than a lousy 10 bucks.

But the top comment, from Redditor TheGribbler, was “Watch out, duder will be fired like the Applebee’s waitress was.” Hopefully they will not share the same fate, but if the guy who paid for the 85 pizzas has any kind of social media presence at all, the likelihood is that he’ll hear about it soon – we just have to wait and see if he complains or not!

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