Helicopter Rescue: Pilot & Student Save An R/C Airplane From A Tree

As aircrafts go, there aren’t many that are cooler than helicopters, they are loud, quick, noisy and can hover in the same spot until they run out of fuel! They are often used to carry out the most formidable rescues, used by the police, army, coastguard, fire department and the ambulance services to get people out of the stickiest of situations!!

As you can imagine, many helicopter pilots are daredevil types who like a little bit of action and adventure in their lives – like the pilot in this video clip who spots a remote control C P-51 Mustang get stuck in a tree whilst instructing a student!
He decides that he’s going to take his Robinson R-22 in as close as he can get and rescue that airplane, which he believes is worth about $800 dollars! With astounding ease and grace, he get the chopper to hover right over the spot where the R/C plane is stuck and the student reaches out and pulls it out of the branches!

They land the helicopter down close to the people who owned the plane and who watched the astonishing rescue. I mean the pilot probably broke all the rules pulling off a stunt like that, especially with a student in tow, but the look on those people’s faces when he returns their airplane to them kinda makes it all worthwhile! Anyone who has experienced that sadness of losing an R/C plane or similar device to the lofty branches of a tree will know just how much they appreciated it!

Warning: The pilot uses some strong language in the video so if your co-workers/boss don’t like profanities – this clip might be considered NSFW.

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