Photography Project That Envisages A World With Hover Cars


When photographer Renaud Marion was a child the popular culture of the time promised him that by the year 2000 the world would be full of hover cars that could levitate above the ground and soar through the skies without the constriction of those boring roads.

Unfortunately however modern science has disappointed us and we are still waiting for such spectacular vehicles to fill our airways.
Disappointed that such vehicles do not yet exist, Marion decided to create the “Air Drive” project that envisages what he believed cars would look like in the 2000s, when he was just a youngling.

I know many photoshop users could easily remove the wheels of car and turn it into a hovering vehicle, but Marion’s project is slightly deeper than that.

His manipulated photographs show us how car design has changed throughout the eras and represent the capture of a wonderful childhood imagination that really wants to see the spectacular devices featured in our favorite television shows and movies in the real world!






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